What is sincerity ? Being sincere means one should dedicate his faith and belief, acts of obedience, morals and manners for the sake of Allah and the attainment of His pleasure and good reward without seeking recognition or anticipating any gain, honour, title or advancement in this world.

Truly, my prayers and my sacrifices, my life and my death are all for Allah, Lord of the worlds. No partner has He, This I am commanded.”
(Surat al-An’aam: 162)

Sincerity is not something that you show off or convince yourself of, sincerity is when a good deed is available by the will of Allah, and you attain this reward with an action that is supported by sincere intention such as collecting rubbish you see on the train and throwing it into the bin. It is simple yet great deeds that will surely be rewarded by Allah.

Being sincere in worshipping is one of the two conditions that must be fulfilled if our good deeds are to be accepted by Allah. One of the root causes of insincerity is doing things in the purpose of fulfilling our own worldly goals and interests. There are several types of interest that could overthrow our sincerity:

  1. To make ourselves appear good in the eyes of others.
  2. To seek praises and glorifications from others.
  3. To avoid from being blamed by others.
  4. To seek the wealth and love of others.
  5. To seek the help from something other than Allah.

However, there are theee ways on how we can boost our sincerity:

  1. By doing more righteous deeds.
  2. By seeking more knowledge.
  3. By remembering to always check our true intentions.

There are four main things that contradict sincerity and could prevent any good intentions we are trying to cultivate, which are:

  1. Committing sins.
  2. Associating others with Allah.
  3. Performing an act of worship in order to show off.
  4. Being a hypocrite.

It is worth to remember, that whether we are aware of it or not, every single act we perform in our daily lives has an intention attached to it. Therefore, teaching ourselves to remember Allah often during the day, and thinking about pleasing Him, will help us to make sincere, right, and rewardable intentions as well as actions.

In conclusion, we should have this principle in our life that Allah is our goal. Only then, can you become soldiers of the belief rather than soldiers for worldly purposes and interests.

Welfare Bureau,
PERUBATAN al-Azhar Chapter 2019/2020.


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