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Minda Pimpinan PTP: Tip Top Muslim

Have you ever heard of a saying that goes “A jack of all trades, but master of none”? It is an English saying which was misunderstood as a sarcastic call to imply that a person isn’t very skillful in any of the areas in which he claims expertise. His knowledge or skills are just superficial rather than comprehensive. This makes people think that, it is of no use to know many things, if you’re not capable to master one specific skill. This also, wither the curiosity and adventure someone would want to explore in his life, thinking that he might end up mastering nothing.

But, do you know that the complete saying was originally “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”? If we understand from the real context, it is formerly intended as a compliment, the phrase means that a person is a generalist rather than a specialist, versatile and adept at many things.

Being a tip top Muslim is not something deserved to be just in dreams. It is an ambition every Muslim should plant in themselves, and thus, we shall start making plans on how to work it out. Still wondering why we should become one? Here’s why:
Allah has chosen us to be the ummah justly balanced, to witness over the nations. (QS, al-Baqarah; 143)
Ar-Rasul PBUH once said, “The best of people are those with the most excellent character.” [Tabarani, Sahih], and “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.” [Daraqutni, Hasan].

We have tons of exquisite examples of tip top Muslims from 1400 years ago, starting from ar-Rasul Muhammad PBUH, his companions and other Muslim ancient scholars.
The enemies of Islam are trying their best to sharpen their skills and deepen their knowledge in order to fight us, and what are we still waiting for? Sit still and do nothing?
Don’t we want to live this life once, and give the best shot out of it so that we could return to Allah proudly, blessed and content?

It is pivotal to understand, that by being a tip-top Muslim doesn’t mean that we need to be a 24/7 all-rounder, perfect human being with no single mistake made. It means to purify our intention every time in doing everything, for the sake of Allah and only Him. It teaches us to try our best in seeking knowledge and improvise our skills to be recontributed to Islam. It motivates us to keep going even when every door seems slammed shut, and better ourselves from time to time. It helps us to accept our own flaws and embrace our strengths, and further than that, when we could accept and validate our own worth, we could be accepting other people’s flaws because we live in a world where there are symbiosis and interdependence between living things. Yes, being a tip-top Muslim also reminds us that we could not just be good alone, we must create a surrounding, an atmosphere where people synergies each other to do and to be good, where right things are right, and wrong things are wrong, because no matter how good or perfect we think we are, we are not capable of doing this alone. No man is an island, remember?

This is why, PERUBATAN is looking forward to ensure all members are taking part in making themselves tip-top Muslims. Some people might have said or even wonder, why do we have to do this all? Why do we have to give some tutorial class when we have already spent 8-9 hours at the university sitting for lectures? Why do some brothers have to sacrifice their time and energy, helping others to fix broken things at home, or moving from one house to another? Why do we need to hold extra religious class every week when we are health sciences students who need to focus on cadavers and bacteria only? Why do we busy ourselves involving in meetings, seminars and social activities when we will end up being doctors in a hospital building seeing only nurses and patients? Why do we have to interfere with other people’s business, enjoin them in good deeds and prevent them from wrongdoings when everyone is big enough to think for themselves?

That is because, we are nurturing not only doctors for the future, but a generation of professional, integrated and tip top Muslim doctors that will one day, bring positive change to our beloved country and to the entire world, biiznillah. Realising that Rome wasn’t built in a day, steps for preparing for tip top Muslim doctors generation must and have to begin from this moment, right where we stand. We believe that each and every one of PERUBATAN members shares the same burdens and responsibilities in making sure that these steps towards building a generation of tip top Muslims a success by collaborating together.

If we are charmed at how ar-Rasul PBUH reopened Makkah from which he was once chased out of, if we adore how Sultan Salahuddin al-Ayubi managed to retrieve Palestine and Jerusalem from the Christians in the Crusade War, if we admire at how Ibn Sina (Avicenna) rose as a scholar in multiple expertise, memorizing al-Quran, Fiqh, and managed to finish writing ‘al-Qanun fi Tibb’ despite being imprisoned by the King, we must realise that being a tip top Muslim isn’t impossible. Only that we need to pour all efforts, collaborating ourselves with other, brothers and sisters, and embrace each other’s diversities so that in the future we will rise as the generation Islam has longed for. The winning generation, made up of tip-top Muslim youths.


Chairman and Vice Chairman,
PERUBATAN al-Azhar Chapter 2018/2019



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